The “Buzăul Artizanal” box is a project that promotes small artisan producers. The wooden box contains the best handmade products from Buzău county.

The box is sold through participating producers. For a list of stores, orders and other information, please contact: or send a request for a quote.

Contact person: Juranda Kirschner, Tel: +40 (0)729- 836963

Box -“Evantaiul Buzoian”
  • Wooden box quality A, 35x25x14 cm
  • Box of Rafineturi – Fine Food from Conacul Grigorescu, with quince jam with rose geranium, strawberry and ginger jam with mint, truffle zacusca
  • One Beer Later – Craft Beer, Colti Amber Ale, 0.33 l
  • L’Amur – Artisan Berry Wine, Berry Wine, 0,75 l
  • Melinis – Honey with sea buckthorn 40%
  • Mied IPM (Mead), 4,5 % vol. alc., 0,33
  • Livada Evei, 100% natural apple juice, 033 l

“Eventaiul Buzoian” is a box that introduces every artisan and welcomes every gourmet.

Price: 279 Lei

Box –Carpathian Gourmet
  • Wooden box quality A, 35x25x14 cm
  • 3 Delicacies from Grigorescu Mansion: Elderberry jam with Black Fetească, chilli jam, truffle zacusca
  • Organic sunflower oil, cold pressed, Casa de Ulei, 1 l
  • Salt Package: Salt with Carpathian Truffles and the Book “The Story of Carpathian Salt”
  • Book Radu Anton Roman, “Romanian Festive Cuisine”
  • Melinis – Honey with quince
  • Livada Evei (Eva’s Orchard), Apple juice with mint, lemon + apple juice with beetroot and carrot, 100% natural, 033 l
  • Mied IPM (Mead), 4,5 % alc., 0,33 l

The “Gourmet Carpatin” box invites you to discover the black gold of Buzau and carefully selected artisanal products to experiment and reinvent new and old recipes.

Price: 299 Lei

Cutia -Licoare Buzoian (Liquors from Buzau)
  • Wooden box quality A, 40x30x13 cm
  • Organic Black or White Fetească, Domeniile Franco-Române, 0,75 l
  • One Beer Later – Craft beer, Czech Lager, 0.33 l
  • L’Amur – Artisanal blackberry wine, 0,75 l
  • Mied IPM (Mead), 4,5 % alc., 033
  • Melinis – Honey with plums
  • The book “The Story of the Tuica”
  • Box of Rafineturi – Fine Food from Grigorescu Mansion, with elderberry jam with Fetească Neagra, truffle zacusca, hot pepper jam

Box “Licoare Buzoiană”
contains artisanal drinks
carefully designed and
selected, which will
transform any celebration
into a real feast.

Price: 349 Lei

Doresc o oferta - Lădița artizanală