Slow Food Community Buzău brings together farmers, food producers, agritourism guest-houses, restaurants and lovers of healthy and sustainable food. The Community is officially accredited and part of the international Slow Food network – a non-profit, international eco-gastronomic organization with more than 100,000 members worldwide.

The Slow Food Community – Buzău Land is based on the idea of creating a platform to promote small-scale, artisanal production of quality food in Buzău County.

The objectives of this platform are:

  • Promote Buzău County as a sustainable culinary destination

  • Generate new income opportunities by including local and artisanal food in the tourism value chain

  • Improving the quality of food and the sustainability of food production in Buzău County

Slow Food Community Buzău Land was founded in July 2022 and reunites currently more than 20 members. The initiative is non-profit and open to all people interested in Slow Food. Nevertheless, for the promotion of Slow Food products and services companies and individual businesses need to fulfil minimum criteria according to the Slow Food principles.

Several initiative could already be successfully implemented (e.g. Artisanal Buzau) or are in the planning phase (e.g. Food & Gourmet Hub, Local Food Map). Please contact us if you are interested to join or to support our initiative.