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Produse tradiționale de Buzău

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Guesthouses with local specialities and products

Hanul Moara Veche (Old Mill Inn)

Hanul Moara Veche (Old Mill Inn) is a guesthouse-restaurant on the site of the former mill in the old village of Berca, a family business with a history dating back to 1927. Situated on the […]

Guesthouses with local specialities and products

Pensiunea Casa Runcu

Casa Runcu Guesthouse is located in Runcu, 19 km from Volcanii Noroioși in the Berca area. The property is built on the top of a hill, offering a beautiful view of the mountain and the […]

Guesthouses with local specialities and products

Grigorescu Mansion

About the location Grigorescu Mansion is a small, family-run location in the heart of the UNESCO Geopark “Buzău Land”. The neo-brancovenesc style mansion was built in 1930 by the landowner C.C. Grigorescu. For decades, the […]

Local Food Guides & Slow Food Promoter

Slow Food Promoters


Thorsten is the co-owner of Grigorescu Mansion (Conacul Grigorescu) and spokesperson for the Slow Food Community Buzău Land. He is passionate about local wines, truffles from the Buzau forest and new ideas for Slow Food […]

Slow Food Promoters


Cezar ist the owner of Hanul Moara Veche (Old Mill In) – a family business dating back to 1927. He has a vaste gastronomic experience and tries to promote local ingredients and artisanal products for his guest-house […]

Slow Food Promoters


Razvan is the owner of La Motaore Club Lavric – a local restaurant in Valea Niscovuli. He is a staunch supporter of the Slow Food movement and has many years of experience in raising Mangalita […]

Slow Food Promoters


Juranda is a local chef and artisanal food producer (e.g. jams, zacusca, raw milk goat cheese). She is passionate about home-made, artisanal food, strictly using local ingredients from own production or surrounding orchards and forests. She combines […]

Slow Food Promoters


Mihai is the co-founder of Miedăria – a mead producing company. In love with the Buzau Valley and believing in the potential of the area, in 2014 he returned to Pătârlagele. He started on the […]

Slow Food Promoters


Passionate about nature, natural products, Daciana is co-associate of the company Atelierele Melinis located in the Niscov valley, in the village of Mierea. Based on the method used by bees to obtain honey from nectar, […]