Tudor Farm (Ferma Tudor)

The Tudor farm is located in the commune of Vernești and is surrounded by orchards with fruit trees and berry crops.

The story of the Tudor Farm began 10 years ago on a plot of land in Vernești, Buzău, where Marian Tudor planted a mixed plantation of blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, aronia, currants, as well as an orchard with hundreds of fruit trees.


  • Sweets and jams (e.g. plums, cherries, figs)

  • Zacusca made according to local recipes

  • Preserves in brine (baked aubergines, baked beans),

  • Energy bars

  • Dried fruit

  • Aronia juice

The jams and jellies are made only from fruit picked from the farm or bought from locals.


Address. Murelor, Nr. 11 bis, 127675 Vernești
Phone: +40 (0)733 937 711
Email: gamarecserv (a)gmail.com
Site: Tudor Farm – Facebook