We invite you to participate in the ARTISANS’ FAIR – Slow Food & Gourmet Hub Buzău on May 25- 26 an event in the UNESCO Global Geopark Land of Buzău- an innovative concept that brings consumers closer to sustainable food farmers and producers.

Why be an exhibitor at the Artisans’ Market?

  • Innovative concept: The concept is a combination of sightseeing, sustainable shopping and culinary offerings, providing an experience for the whole family

  • Strategic location: the Craftsmen’s Market is located in Berca commune, at the entrance to the UNESCO Global Geopark Land of Buzău, on the road to the Muddy Volcanoes, one of the most visited places in Muntenia (1,000-1,500 visitors per weekend, mostly from Bucharest, Galati, Braila and Constanta).

  • High visibility: High exposure of exhibitors through media partnerships, social media exposure (>250,000 Facebook views at the first edition) through the Slow Food Buzău Community (one of the largest Slow Food communities in Romania, integrated into the international Slow Food network) and partnership with UNESCO Global Geopark Land of Buzau.

  • Sustainable product mix: High attention to the selection of high quality and/or artisanal products, targeting consumers interested in gourmet and sustainable consumption

  • Costs: Competitive rent and early booking discount for first events

Participation criteria:

For vegetable/fruit/crop farms:

  • Sustainable approach to agriculture (use of natural fertilisers for healthier soils, proper irrigation and crop rotation; no use of chemical/synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and genetically modified growth promoters).

For livestock and dairy farms:

  • Animal friendly farming (Provide outdoor grazing for a good part of the year and whenever weather permits; Provide adequate, ample and comfortable shelter without small cages).

    • No hormones and antibiotics (use antibiotics only when absolutely necessary)

For producers of artisanal food and drink:

  • The basic principle of the business is quality and sustainability of food, not quantity (e.g. no GM products, foie gras, ultra-processed foods, etc.).

  • The majority of ingredients (min. 50%) come from Romania, a substantial part (min. 1/3) of ingredients come from local and natural production (no more than 50 km from the place of production). Producers using meat as an ingredient (see conditions for meat above)

  • The manufacturer does not use artificial additives in food production

  • The products do not necessarily have to be traditional or indigenous foods, but they must have a clear link to a local community.

For wine producers:

  • At least one product/variety must be produced in a natural/organic way

For gourmet/street food/food truck area, etc.:

  • At least 50% of the ingredients must come from small farms or local producers, according to the above conditions

Pre-registration/ Request for offer

Please note that we have a high demand and a limited number of places available. Our main priority is to offer an interesting mix of products and showcase producers that meet the minimum criteria.

I want to be an exhibitor at the Artisans' Market