Dacian Farm – traditional products, carefully selected and prepared

The Dacian farm has become, over time, a place of history, where the past catches up with the present only to remind us, from time to time, that ancient values must be carefully preserved and passed on with pride. Although it is located in the village of Tohani, Gura Vadului commune, Prahova county, a large part of the farm also reaches Buzău county and is known for its clean products made from natural ingredients.

The production of aged and artisanal cheeses is of interest to everyone, especially because they are delicious in the combinations created.

They can be found in their own grocery store, ready for purchase:

  • Dairy
  • Meat and meat preparations
  • Sweets, honey, syrups
  • Zacusca, pickles
  • Wines


Address: Gura Vadului, Tohani 107300, Prahova county
Phone: 0747 328 504
E-mail: fermadacilor@gmail.com
Site: Dacilor Farm | Buzau | Facebook