Wines from Dealu Mare

In a region with blessed soil are the wines of Dealu Mare, true treasures of Romanian viticulture.

Also known as the ‘Land of Wines’, the vineyard is renowned for the superior quality of its delicately flavoured wines. It stretches for about 65 kilometres in length and 3-12 kilometres in width, between the Buză River to the east and the Teleajen River to the west, with a maximum height at Vf. Istrita.

History of viticulture in Dealu Mare

The history of viticulture in the Dealu Mare region goes back to ancient times, with vines being cultivated here by the Dacians and Romans. It is mentioned that the first documentary evidence of vine cultivation in certain localities dates back to the 15th century. From these attestations we also learn that the vineyards belonged to the nobles and monasteries. The craft of winemaking has been refined and passed down from generation to generation with great care.

Traditions and customs

In the Dealu Mare region, viticulture and wine production have always been associated with local traditions and customs. Wine festivals are held every year to mark the beginning and end of the harvest season, bringing together locals and tourists to celebrate fresh grapes and new wine.

Types of wine

The Dealu Mare region is famous for the variety of wines it produces.

Among the most popular and appreciated types of wines are:

  1. Fetească Neagră: This is a highly prized local variety that offers rich red wines with black fruit and spice flavours.
  2. White Fetească: A white wine variety that offers fresh floral and fruity flavors
  3. Black Beer: Another local variety, providing red wines with complex aromas and fruity character
  4. Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon: These international varieties are successfully grown in Dealu Mare and offer quality red wines with red fruit aromas and woody notes.
  5. Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay: These varieties produce fresh white wines with exotic fruit and citrus aromas.

Places where you can taste wines from Dealu Mare

For tasting enthusiasts, we recommend either the cellars of large, well-known producers or small family-run wineries with long traditions. Both offer an authentic experience. The region’s vineyards or guesthouses are also ideal places to explore local wines and learn more about the production process and wine traditions.


The wines of Dealu Mare are a source of pride and attraction for Romanian viticulture. These remarkable wines combine tradition and innovation, giving them the authentic taste of the region. With their rich flavours, delicate textures and balanced taste, these wines are a memorable journey into the wonderful world of Romanian wines. Invite your senses to discover these wine treasures and enjoy the hospitality of the Dealu Mare region during your journey to taste and refinement.