Pleșcoi sausages

Carnati Plescoi

In the heart of the Pleșcoi region of Romania, there is a taste bud delight, a favourite of locals and visitors alike: Pleșcoi sausages. These delicious traditional sausages are renowned for their distinctive aroma and authentic spicy taste. Thanks to the well-preserved tradition, Pleșcoi sausages have become a symbol of the gastronomy of Buzoi and are appreciated throughout the country.

Origin of Plescoi sausages

It is said that following the Russo-Turkish wars, many Serbian and Bulgarian inhabitants settled in the Buzau area after crossing the Danube. Most of them right in the Plescoi area.

This is where they started making the product and this is why the name is associated with the locality.

The recipe has been passed down from father to son, generation after generation. The preparation of sausages and their sale was the main source of income of the locals, so the care for the recipe was carried with sanctity.

Ingredients and traditional recipe

Basically, Pleșcoi sausages are made from sheep meat, minced with barding, seasoned with garlic, thyme, basil and salt, stuffed into natural sheep casings and smoked with beech wood.

Whether smoked or raw dried smoked, both varieties are spicy, thanks to the red chilli pepper in the composition.

In their original form, they are somewhat cylindrical and portioned in long strands, 15 to 18 centimetres long, weighing about 50 grams.

Places where Pleșcoi sausages are found

The beloved traditional Romanian sausages are available in many places, especially in markets, fairs and specialty shops in the Plescoi area, but also throughout the country. To experience the true quality taste of Pleșcoi sausages, it is recommended to buy them from local producers in the region.

And other interesting information about Pleșcoi sausages

Their culinary importance and cultural value are also reflected in their registration as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) product within the European Union. This guarantees that they are prepared according to the traditional recipe and that ingredients from the Plescoi region are used.


Pleșcoi sausages are a traditional culinary treasure that delights and satisfies the appetite of locals and visitors. Their specific taste and unmistakable aroma make them an honoured delicacy of the Buzo region. To taste the real Pleșcoi sausages, we invite you to look for them at local producers and enjoy them in the authentic atmosphere of the Buzău area.