A culinary journey to the UNESCO Global Geopark Buzău Land

Slow Food Community Buzău Land

Slow Food Travel is designed for curious, responsible travelers who want to really get to know the local gastronomic culture of the Buzau region, without forgetting sustainability and the food biodiversity

Slow Food offers a new model for tourism, made up of meetings and exchanges with farmers, cheesemakers, herders, bakers and winegrowers who, along with the chefs who cook their products, will be the narrators of their local areas and unique guides to the local traditions.

Discover the culinary side of the Buzau region and the UNESCO Global Geopark Buzău Land and follow us in a journey into the valleys, to the people and flavours that live there.

Buzau is famous for several traditional products that are knows far beyond the region and even outside Romania:

  • Plescoi sausages – Romania’s most famous sausage – traditionally made from sheep.

  • Babic – a spicy salami – featured in the food catalogue TasteAtlas as one of the best salami (#15 best rated salami worldwide)

  • Wines from Dealu Mare – one of the best wine regions in Romania

Furthermore, Buzau Valley and Dealu Mare are well known its fruit orchards and the Barragan plain for its large vegetable cultivation. The city of Buzau hosts the Vegetable Research and Development Station. The innovative institute has an inventory of more than 20,000 plant genotypes, including vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants.

The forests of Buzau County are a centre of biodiversity and host wild animals, mushrooms, truffles and medicinal herbs.

Artisanal food production is still at the beginning, but many small producers and guest-houses appeared in the last years and transformed Buzau into an upcoming Slow Food Travel destination.

This platforms gives you an overview of the most important players in sustainable food production and providers of Slow Food experiences.

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