Babic of Buzau

Babicul de Buzău is considered a delicacy among Romanian cold cuts, appreciated both in the region and beyond the country’s borders. It is distinguished by the high quality of the meat used and the blend of aromatic spices that give it a distinctive taste.

Origin and tradition

Babicul originated in the old days of the region’s butchers, and the authentic recipe has been passed down from generation to generation, preserving it as a treasure of traditional cuisine. The name “Babic” comes from the word “grandmother” and suggests the quality of this product, like the savouries painstakingly prepared by grandmothers of yesteryear.

Specific features and ingredients

Natural spices such as black pepper, sweet and hot paprika, coriander and other specific flavours are used in the preparation of this special sausage, which give it its flavour and contribute to its traditional identity.

Fresh pork is carefully selected and butchers finely mince it to achieve the characteristic texture.

Preparation process

Preparing Babic de Buzău salami can be seen as an art, as it requires skill and attention to detail. After the meat and fat are finely ground, the spice mixture is added, which gives the salami its unmistakable taste. Mix and knead the ingredients with dedication, and then carefully bind the composition to keep its authentic shape. Drying and ripening is done slowly in a controlled environment.

Babic’s reputation

Babicul has enjoyed popularity and recognition in the Buzău region and throughout the country due to its authentic taste and superior quality. It is highly sought after by gourmets and connoisseurs, but not only. It is often used at festive meals of special events, being considered a symbol of pride and culinary tradition in Buzău.


The “star salami” is a treasure of traditional Romanian cuisine that continues to delight the taste buds of those who taste it and keep alive the culinary tradition of the Buzău region. We suggest that you let yourself be taken on a tasty culinary journey, straight into the heart of traditional Buzoan cuisine.