Ghizdeanu House – the taste of traditional products from the countryside

The Ghizdeanu House is represented by two young, beautiful people, husband and wife, teammates. Together they set up a family business in 2015 and have been offering high-quality meat dishes ever since. Find among the favourites pastrami and sheep sausages, both awarded the prestigious Traditional Product Certificate.

Ghizdeanu House uses only the best natural ingredients for its products. Most of the meat used comes from their own farms, ensuring the animals are given the respect they deserve through meticulous care. For the most part, the traditional techniques and recipes come from Alexander’s father, the man who inspired and motivated him over the years.


Address: 45.2432992,26.8761537, Zilisteanca, Romania
Phone: 0728 085 781
Site: Casa Ghizdeanu | Buzau | Facebook