Farm under Penteleu

About the location

The Sub Penteleu Farm is located on the banks of the Bâscăi Mari, at the foot of the Penteleu Mountains, in the hamlet of Gura Milii, village of Varlaam, commune of Gura Teghii, Buzău County. The property has farm animals and guests can enjoy the spacious yard with various activities.

There are 17 accommodation units, elegant, properly equipped, with everything you need and a traditional restaurant with traditional Romanian food, cooked with natural ingredients and a lot of soul.

Spending time with the animals on the farm is one of the visitors’ favourite parts. Goats, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, rabbits, donkeys make this place a story. Children love to feed and pet the animals, and adults relive memories of times with their grandparents.

A series of workshops, bringing to life crafts specific to agrarian society, are available. Depending on the time of year children can enjoy:

– an old forge, where the blacksmith makes horseshoes and other craft objects

– weaving workshop

– wool stuffing workshop

– pottery workshop

– hikes

For adults a traditional SPA has been built – a hot tub with hot (salt) water and a dry sauna.

Slow Food at the Sub Penteleu Farm

In the guesthouse kitchen, delicious, traditional Romanian dishes are prepared from local products.

Menus depend on the season and the availability of their own production, but they surprise the taste buds every time.


Address: Sat Varlaam, Comuna Gura Teghii, Nr. 317 A, Buzău County
E-mail: contact (a)
Site: Sub Penteleu Farm
Facebook: Ferma de sub Penteleu | Gura Teghii| Facebook