Crafting a Beer Revolution in Buzău: The French Touch

In the heart of Buzău County, a French-Romanian collaboration is brewing up a storm in the world of craft beer. “One Beer Later,” a unique craft beer venture initiated by Francois, a French brewer with over 20 years of experience, and his Romanian partner, Ionuț, is redefining the local beer scene. This story is not just about crafting distinct flavors but also about a cultural fusion that’s enriching the Romanian beer landscape.

The French Influence and Local Integration: Francois’s brewing passion, inherited from his great-grandfather, a Belgian settled in France, has found a new home in Buzău. Collaborating with Ionuț, the duo has established a microbrewery that honors both their heritages. They utilize 100% Romanian malt, emphasizing the importance of local ingredients, and craft their beer in Buzău County, blending traditional French brewing techniques with Romanian flavors.

A Diverse Portfolio

One Beer Later boasts an impressive range of seven beer types, each with a unique character and flavor profile. From the amber hues of “Einstein is Wrong,” an American Amber Ale, to the rich, dark tones of “Wooow,” an American Stout, each beer tells a story. “Drink Different,” an American IPA, and “Rock’N’Beer,” a Czech Lager, are particularly popular among artisanal beer enthusiasts.

Sustainable and Artisanal Approach

The brewery prides itself on its unfiltered and unpasteurized beers, keeping the production process as natural and sustainable as possible. This approach not only enhances the taste but also aligns with the growing global trend towards sustainable and artisanal food and beverage production.

Expanding Reach

With nearly 100 HL of beer produced monthly, One Beer Later has found its way into over 120 HoReCa locations across Romania, including Buzău, Timișoara, Cluj, and Bucharest.  One Beer Later represents the fusion of French brewing expertise and Romanian ingredients, creating a unique craft beer experience in Buzău. This Franco-Romanian partnership not only enhances the local beer market but also adds a new dimension to the cultural and gastronomic tapestry of the region.

You can follow them closely on official website : One Beer Later website