Start-up of the Year 2023: Luminița’s Sourdough Bread Business in Buzău

Luminița, from Maracineni, Buzău County, started a unique bakery business focusing on sourdough bread. Her journey began due to a gluten intolerance, which led her to experiment with various bread-making techniques.

Luminița’s Sourdough Journey

Unable to consume store-bought bread, Luminița explored alternatives. During the pandemic, she started with white bread using a bread machine. In early 2023, she discovered sourdough and its beneficial properties, including how its natural fermentation process deactivates gluten proteins. Her sourdough, which starts from a homemade starter, requires a meticulous process that can last over 24 hours, with kneading alone taking up to 7 hours.

Innovation in Baking

Luminița’s bakery offers a variety of products, from classic sourdough to innovative flavors using different spices and ingredients. Her commitment to quality and natural ingredients has made her bakery a local favorite and a model for health-conscious and sustainable food practices. Luminița’s passion for baking and her innovative approach to sourdough bread, catering to those with dietary restrictions, have made her business the start-up of the year in Buzău​.

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