Slow Food Community Buzău Land, Romania successfully introduced an Artisanal Food Fair concept in the UNESCO Global Geopark 

Slow Food Community Buzău Land, a local advocate for sustainable and locally sourced food, successful organized the first-ever Artisanal Food Fairs in the UNESCO Global Geopark Buzau Land. “Piata Artizanilor – Slow Food & Gourmet Hub”, inspired by the Earth Market concept of Slow Food, attracted over 7,000 visitors across three editions in 2023. Additionally, the fair stands as the first trade fair in Romania to be constructed from recycled materials, aligning with the community’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Founded in 2022, Slow Food Community Buzau Land has grown to include 30 dedicated members who share a common passion for promoting sustainable food production, distribution, and consumption within the region. The recent Artisanal Food Fairs held in the UNESCO Global Geopark Buzau Land are a testament to the collective efforts of this community to celebrate the principles of Slow Food. Buzău Land UNESCO Global Geopark covers 1,036 km² and is home to some 45,000 inhabitants. Situated 110 km from Bucharest, the region aspires to become an important slow food and slow travel destination in Romania.

Visitors at the Artisanal Food Fairs were treated to a delightful journey through the region’s diverse culinary traditions, savoring handcrafted, locally sourced, and sustainably produced food, e.g. artisanal cheese, craft beer, craft mead, ecological honey and gourmet street food. Dishes with truffles from the Carpathians were presented as part of a live cooking show.

One remarkable aspect of the Artisanal Food Fairs was the community’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The event was the first trade fair in Romania to be entirely constructed from recycled materials. All stands and booths were creatively assembled using repurposed materials, reflecting innovative solutions for sustainable event management.

Thorsten, initiator and spokesperson of the Slow Food Community Buzău Land:  “We wanted to create a new concept that combines sustainable shopping, socialising, family events and workshops for children – without public funding, only with the support of Slow Food community members. With a collaborative marketing approach, we managed to spread the word about the event all the way to the capital, Bucharest. We are particularly pleased that many foreign tourists also came to our region.”

Next year, the Slow Food Community plans to expand the concept and establish it as a permanent tourist attraction in the UNESCO Geopark Buzău Land.