Discover Buzău’s Culinary Gems: Plescoi Sausages and Babic Ranked Among the World’s Best on TasteAtlas

In the heart of Romania’s Buzău County, two culinary delights have risen to prominence, capturing the attention of food lovers and culinary connoisseurs worldwide: the Plescoi Sausages and Babic.

Plescoi Sausages – A Taste of Tradition Plescoi Sausages, a culinary treasure from the village of Pleşcoi and the Berca commune, are renowned for their unique flavor. Made primarily from mutton, these sausages are seasoned with a blend of chili peppers and garlic, offering a distinctive taste that has earned them a celebrated spot in Romanian cuisine. Their popularity extends beyond local borders, marking them as one of the first Romanian products to join the EU’s list of certified traditional products. The traditional production methods, preserved over generations, contribute to the sausages’ authentic and cherished taste.

Babic – A Blend of Cultures in Every Bite Babic, a raw-dried salami originating from Buzău County, showcases a fusion of pork and beef, seasoned with salt, sweet and hot paprika. Encased in thin beef casings, this salami is carefully pressed, smoked, and dried during the cold winter months, embodying a depth of flavor that has made it a standout item in Romanian charcuterie. The traditional recipe and meticulous preparation process have elevated Babic to a celebrated status, making it a must-try for anyone exploring the rich culinary landscape of Buzău.

These two products, Plescoi Sausages and Babic, represent the culinary heritage and gastronomic ingenuity of Buzău County. Their inclusion in top lists like (Plescoi Sausages Nr. 27 of TOP 100 and Babic Nr. 36 Best rated meat product in the world) is a testament to their exceptional taste and the rich cultural history they embody. Visitors to Buzău are invited to savor these flavors, which are not just meals but stories of a land rich in tradition and culinary artistry.

Unfortunately, some producers have turned Plescoi sausages and babic into a large-scale industrial product that no longer contains local meat. Consumers are advised to check carefully who is producing on an artisanal or industrial scale.

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