Livada cu smochine – Fig Orchard

The fig orchard is located in the north of Buzau, on the outskirts of the city. In less than two years, Valentin Badea has managed to set up this orchard with the help of his family. An economist by training, he invested in the fruit sector out of passion and the desire to grow something that was not widely grown in Romania.

The land area is about 8500 meters, on which 600 trees are cultivated. Fig trees are easy to care for as they are pest-free and need little water. The harvest is rich, a mature tree can yield up to 100 kg of fruit. These fruits are carefully picked by hand so that they are not crushed.

Valentin Badea doesn’t use chemical fertilizers, the fig crop in Buzău is organic. Figs can be used in jams, juices, various preparations, but especially in their natural, fresh state.

Address: 45.1737189, 26.7565121, Buzau, Romania

Phone: 0740 224 454


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