House of Oil

The House of Oil is a family of simple people, used to the taste of home cooking, who set out to make a natural cold-pressed sunflower seed oil.

In Gherăseni commune, Buzău county, they opened their own oil factory, using only local ingredients. Cold pressed oil retains its taste, aroma, nutrients and is free of chemical compounds.

The oil obtained by cold pressing unroasted sunflower seeds is a 100% natural product. It has a pleasant raw seed smell and taste, oily but not greasy, a bright golden yellow colour and rich nutritional value.

It is used raw for salads and other culinary preparations, even if it loses some of its vitamins through heating, it is still superior to chemically refined oils.


Address: locality Gherăseni, Strada Conacului, Nr 37, Buzău county
Phone: 0729 141 168
Site: Cold pressed sunflower oil – Casa De Ulei