Reviving Ancient Traditions: Mihai’s Modern Mead Journey in Buzău

 In the picturesque Buzău Valley, a local entrepreneur, Mihai Negot, is reviving an ancient tradition with a modern twist. Mihai has embarked on a journey to reinvent mead, known as ‘Mied’ in Romanian, a beverage that dates back to the Dacians.

Mihai’s adventure in mead production started with a gift of five beehives at his wedding. With no prior experience in beekeeping, Mihai and his family started Primitiv Foods in Buzău. They began with producing honey, later expanding their scope to include mead, an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey in water with yeast. Mihai’s vision was to create a drink that deviates from the traditional high-alcohol or overly sweet meads, aiming instead for a product suited to modern palates.

Miedaria – A Modern Take on an Ancient Drink

At Miedaria, Mihai’s innovative approach has turned the world’s oldest drink into a modern-day beverage. The products at Miedaria are made from honey sourced from local producers in the Buzău Valley. This approach not only provides a good price for the local beekeepers but also minimizes the carbon footprint. Mihai feels a deep responsibility to capture the essence of nectar collected from millions of flowers and preserve it in a bottle – a slice of the Buzău Valley for the world to enjoy.

The Challenges and Rewards: Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and the complexities of entering a niche market, Mihai remains undeterred. He views the production of mead as a joyous endeavor, creating something good and healthy that brings pleasure to people. His ambition was to be the first in Romania to launch a modern version of mead, blending traditional methods with contemporary tastes and technology. Mihai is exploring ways to scale up production, including seeking European funds and investors to expand his mead-making capabilities.

Miedaria’s Contribution to Buzău’s Economy

Miedaria is not just a business; it’s a venture that supports the local economy and ecosystem. By partnering with local beekeepers, Mihai contributes to the growth of the local economy and the number of beehives, which in turn benefits the entire ecosystem. Miedaria’s products are a testament to Mihai’s commitment to sustainability, community support, and innovative entrepreneurship

Mihai is also a Slow Food promoter. Detailed information about him and his products can be found on official website : Miedaria Website.