Melinis: Blending Nature and Technology in Buzău

In Valea Nișcovului, an area beautifully shielded from urban pollution close to Buzău city, lies the innovative Melinis workshops. Here, a unique blend of tradition and technology is crafting a new gastronomic experience that brings the pure essence of nature to the table.

Melinis was born from the synergy of three scientists: Daciana Tarași, a physicist with a diverse professional background; Marieta Iorga, an engineer; and an Constantin Pascu, an inventor chemist. Their combined expertise and dedication have culminated in the creation of Melinis, a product that harmoniously combines honey with fruits, roses, or superfoods.

Innovative Low-Temperature Technology

At the core of Melinis’ production is an innovative technology that processes fruits and rose petals at temperatures below 35˚C. This method ensures the preservation of the natural components, texture, and aroma of the ingredients, delivering products rich in valuable natural compounds and health benefits. The primary focus is on using superfruits like sea buckthorn, goji berries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, known for their health-promoting properties.

A Fusion of Local Ingredients

Melinis products, predominantly using acacia honey, are a testament to local sourcing and sustainability. The ingredients are carefully selected from the surrounding areas, ensuring freshness and quality. The roses are picked from their gardens, while the fruits are sourced seasonally from local producers. The shift to using exclusively ecologically certified honey further guarantees the quality of their products.

Production Facility and Processes The journey of Melinis started a decade ago in a small workshop which has now expanded into a 330-square-meter state-of-the-art facility. Here, fruits are cleaned, portioned, and blended with honey using specialized equipment, including homogenizers and dosing machines. Despite the technological advancement, a significant portion of the work is meticulously done by hand, reflecting their commitment to craftsmanship.

Melinis: A Romanian Brand with a Sustainable Ethos:

Melinis proudly stands as a 100% Romanian brand, promoting sustainable practices and supporting the growth of local communities. The processing of natural fruits and rose petals is done in such a way that their natural properties are preserved. The special processing ensures the retention of exquisite flavors, which have become the hallmark of Melinis products.

Melinis is more than just a product; it’s a fusion of nature, tradition, and modern technology. Located in Buzău, Melinis is setting a new standard in the food industry, proving that innovative methods can coexist with traditional practices to create products that are not only delicious but also beneficial for health.

Melinis is also a Slow Food promoter. Detailed information about them and their products can be found on their official website : Melinis website.