“Farm-to-Table Network Buzău” – Connecting Local Farms and Dining Tables

Slow Food Buzău announces the launch of the “Farm-to-Table Network Buzău”, an innovative initiative that aims to transform Buzău into a leading farm-to-table region in Romania.

What is Farm-to-Table?

The farm-to-table concept is about bringing locally grown, fresh produce directly from the farm to your dining experience. This approach ensures the freshest food, supports local agriculture, and promotes sustainable dining practices.


  • To establish Buzău as a top destination for authentic, locally-sourced culinary experiences.
  • To create a sustainable ecosystem that benefits both local farmers and food businesses.
  • To attract tourists seeking genuine, farm-fresh dining experiences.

How It Works:

  • Farmers: Local farmers can join our network to gain direct access to restaurants and guest houses seeking fresh, local produce.
  • RestaurantsGuest-Houses: & Gastro Points: Businesses can participate to receive a steady supply of high-quality, local ingredients, enhancing their menu offerings
  • Matching Offer and Demand: Slow Food Buzău will actively work to match the supply of fresh produce from local farmers with the demand from restaurants and guest houses. This ensures a seamless connection between producers and consumers.
  • Door-to-Door Delivery: We facilitate door-to-door delivery, ensuring that the freshest local ingredients reach dining establishments quickly and efficiently.
  • Utilising Technology: The network plans to use special applications for efficient coordination and communication. This includes order placement and delivery scheduling, streamlining the farm-to-table process for all parties involved.


  • Farmers: Must adhere to sustainable farming practices, including no use of harmful pesticides and ethical treatment of animals. Basic registration as producers (to issue invoices or receipts).  
  • RestaurantsGuest-Houses and Gastro Points: Required to create special (additional) menusfeaturing 100 % local ingredients and commit to promoting the farm-to-table and  Slow Food principles.


  • Initial Test Phase: During the test phase, participation in the network will be free of charge. This allows us to fine-tune our processes and ensure maximum benefit for all members.
  • Post Test Phase: After the test phase, we will implement an annual fee or commission structure to auto-sustain the network. This approach will ensure the long-term viability and success of the Farm-to-Table Network Buzău.

Join us in offer an authentic dining experience grounded in local tradition and flavors!