The Slow Food Romania conference brings together artisanal food entrepreneurs, farmers, well-known chefs, food and wine bloggers and tourism development experts.

Below is a preliminary list of our speakers, experts and moderators.


Dana Gontz

Well-known TV journalist (B1TV, Digi24, Prima TV), communication specialist and travel and lifestyle blogger.


Corina Dima

Hospitality industry expert
Food Blogger “De Corina Blog”

Cristian Valentin Cismaru

Owner Reky Travel Club
Co-Founder of My Transilvania/ Slow Food Sibiu Association

Adriana Sohodoleanu

Gastronomist and PhD in sociology (Author “What’s new in the New Romanian Cuisine”, Co-Author “Sweet Romania – a history of desserts from us”

Owner Biscuit.ro

Daciana Tarași

Co-founder Ateliere Melinis

Marius G. Herghelegiu

Truffle hunter

Cosmin Dragomir

Food journalist gastroart.ro

Author “Curator of zacusca and other Romanian culinary stories”, Co-Author “Sweet Romania – a history of Romanian desserts”

George Calțean

Co-Owner of Calțean Farm Brasov

Slow Food Brasov Initiator

Alina Iancu

Founder Revino Gourmet

Răzvan Avram

Marketing specialist for French-Romanian Domains
Wine columnist Unvinpezi.ro
Wine blogger paharnicul.ro

Juranda Kirschner

Co-founder of Slow Food Buzău
Owner & Chef Conacul Grigorescu

Prof. Alexandru Andresanu

University of Bucharest – co-founder and academic partner in the development of the UNESCO Buzau County Geopark

President of the Geoparks Forum/National Geoparks Network

Ioana Matei

Co-founder La Grisha

Local gastronomic point Ghindărești

Mihai Negoț

Entrepreneur, Founder Miedăria

Cristina Partal

Tourism expert
President of ANTREC Buzău

Iulia Jordan

Owner Casa Lila & Aluniș Retreat
Founder of Aluniș Art Centre

Dorian Lungu

President of the Local Gastro Association
Entrepreneur, Founder Luado Chocolat

Thorsten Kirschner

Co-founder of Slow Food Buzău
Owner Grigorescu Mansion

Consultant for international development projects