Livada Evei – 100% natural apple juice

Livada Evei is the first 100% natural juice factory opened in Buzău county, more precisely in Bălăceanu commune.

The factory is a family business, they wanted to offer children a natural alternative to juices, so every day they squeeze fresh fruit to make “Eve’s Orchard” juice. The juice is made from apples, pears, carrots, red beetroot and other fruits/vegetables with special health properties, rich in antioxidants and vitamins. It contains no sugar, added water, preservatives, artificial colourings or other sweeteners.

In a working day, the factory’s modern machinery can produce several hundred litres of natural juice. The juice is not filtered, it is just sterilised at a low temperature to preserve its properties.


Address: Sat Bălăceanu, Comuna Bălăceanu, Buzău
Phone: +40 (0)761 369 056
Website: Home – Eve’s Orchard